Vehicle Graphics & Car Wraps in Bozeman, MT

Vehicles get a massive amount of exposure every day, and therefore offer an opportunity to promote your business. No matter the machine, a vehicle graphic or car wrap is a great investment for getting your business or service seen by many people daily. .

One to Three Color Cut Vinyl

Even the simplest of information can spark a world of thought. Your company's basic information can generate plenty of interest and business. Our cast grade vinyl generates a low maintenance, worry free graphic that will last 5-7 years and add an influential look to your vehicle.

Partial Car Wraps

Go an extra step and add some imagery to your words. Something unique and bold will ensure that your company gets noticed. A partial car wrap combines conventional cut vinyl lettering along with eye catching full digital printing. Use a partial wrap to emphasize a specific focus of your business or create a link to your existing marketing design.

Full Car Graphics and Wraps

A full vehicle graphic will ensure a lasting impression on the people you pass. Vibrant digital printing of images and text methodically placed on your vehicle is a great way to show your company's prowess. Any car, truck or van can become a mobile billboard with this distinctive and innovative solution.

Things to Consider When Choosing a Vehicle Wrap

Not all car graphics are alike, and it is important to know what products are best for your vehicle. Here are a few questions to ask when communicating with us:.

What type of vinyl is being used? Cast vinyl has a longer outdoor rating than calendared
Is it laminated? Lamination helps prolong the life and color of your wrap
What resolution is it printed at? Unlike a billboard, people will see these graphics close up, you want them crystal clear
What resolution is it designed at? Same goes for design, you wont have a clear graphic if it wasn't designed that way
Will it have obvious seams from the installation? There will be seams in your graphic, but they can be minimized by sufficient bleed and correct installation
Is it being installed by a trained and certified installer? Make sure they know how to properly install for best results

The more you know about car graphics and their benefits, the better decisions you can make based on your individual need. Still wondering if a vehicle wrap is right for you? Contact us with your questions, and we can work together to find a solution..

The INK Difference

Ink Outside the Box is committed to offering the best solution for your vehicle design needs. Our trained installers ensure you receive a quality, long lasting product that is worry free. We are always up to date on market innovations and are quick to offer these advancements to our clients. For more information please feel free to fill out our estimate form.